About Us


K-Basix is dedicated to providing consumer products which makes working in the kitchen a pleasurable experience. We intend to provide a cooking experience which is easy and fun, making cooking and serving food an expression of love and care. We put extensive research in ensuring that the product that reaches you is just what you need to prepare and serve those delicious meals.

K-Basix is resolved to not only providing top quality products, but also delivering high standard customer satisfaction through an active and close customer service.


K-Basix originated from the love of food and everything revolving around it. Everyday, millions of us spend hours in the kitchen preparing meals for our loved ones, whether they are our children, partners or valued customers. K-Basix is committed towards making that cooking experience a time filled with creativity and love rather than a time of hassle and unnecessary hard work. K-Basix products help that process by providing simple solutions for everyday kitchen needs.


We want to grow as one of the best providers of kitchen solutions for every home.


Our mission is to provide top quality kitchen products with customer focus in mind. Making your cooking experience pleasurable is what brings smiles to our faces.


We want to achieve highest level of satisfaction for our customers. Which is why we stand by our products and our customers forever.