Stainless Steel Strainer

  • BEST STRAINERS AT THE MOST AFFORDABLE PRICE - KitchenBasix Set of 3 Strainer & Sieve is a MUST-HAVE for every kitchen, whether domestic or commercial. Multiple sizes of 3.1", 5.5" and 7.9" will cater to all your straining needs in the kitchen!
  • QUICK & EASY - The fine mesh strainers enable quick draining of liquid from food with maximum ease. This strainer is great for washing, rinsing or draining tea, cocktails, almond milk, quinoa, grains, rice, fruit, berries, canned goods, beans, spaghetti, hamburger and tuna. You can also sift powdered sugar & flour for superior baking and cooking preparation.
  • CONVENIENT DESIGN - Premier quality strainer is designed for ease of use and hold. Convenient handles provide excellent grip, wet or dry, to strain and rinse food for faster preparation and efficient cooking. Micro holes ensure you can strain the smallest grains with minimal loss!
  • COMMERCIAL GRADE STAINLESS STEEL will never rust and is dishwasher safe!
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY! If you are unsatisfied with the product, get your money back! Since this is a risk-free purchase, go ahead and CLICK ON ADD TO CART NOW to bring this essential tool to your kitchen and say good bye to all the hassle!